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High-quality Gaskets For Your Chainsaw Available at Chainsaw Parts Online

Gaskets help to create a sealing environment preventing fuel and other gases from leaking. It also maintains that adequate air is reached into the cylinder to prevent any hazard or explosion. At, we provide high-quality gaskets which can tolerate heat and are not easy to wear off.

Types of gaskets to choose from:

  • MLS: Multi-layered steel gasket is mostly used these days, which usually has three layers of steel interweaved with elastomer for easy fixation between the two combining surfaces.
  • Copper: A solid sheet of copper is used along with a wire that clips to the cylinder's mouth.
  • Asbestos: These are made of either asbestos or graphite and are not used these days due to health concerns.
  • O-ring: Made from copper or steel, it provides the correct clamping pressure because of its low surface area.

Chainsaw parts Online Ltd. maintains that the gaskets are free from any error by performing compression or chemical tests as we are most concerned about the safety of our customers. Head over to our website and find a suitable gasket for your chainsaw assembly. Buy valve gasket, muffler gasket, carburetor gasket, tank mounting gasket, intake gasket at the most reasonable price and from various materials.

Ensure proper installation of the gasket to maintain no space between the two adjoining surfaces. Use Viton to make the surfaces stick together effectively. Improper installation of the gasket may result in exchange with the surrounding and inadequate pressure supply in the cylinder. For any assistance in installation, feel free to call us at 02031488796.

When to replace the gasket :

  • When there is a leak in between the structure of the gasket.
  • Blown head gasket
  • A cavity in the external gasket
  • Incompatible gasket

A blown head gasket results in the intermixing of components inside the chamber and can be noticed when the chainsaw fails to start or malfunctions. Even a small cavity in the external gasket can be detected as the air, or the component inside will be easily noticeable. Sometimes we fix incompatible gaskets almost identical to the one required, but they easily wear off and need to be changed immediately. Wrong gaskets not only damage the chainsaw or its part but are also dangerous for the life of the operator.

Visit search by entering the SKU number or by product name append it with the word gasket; several gaskets will be displayed on the result page you choose the appropriate gasket and place the order without any hesitation.

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