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JAPANESE garden & outdoor tools

JAPANESE garden & outdoor tools

Best Japanese Gardening tools available at Chainsaw Parts Online

It is essential to manage your lawn to reduce the excessive grass for a game of baseball or holiday fun with the family. A well-maintained garden not only gives an aesthetic appeal to the eyes but ensures a healthy environment for strolling and growing vegetables. To make sure that the garden is well cleaned, Japanese garden tools serve the purpose. Whether weeding, pruning, lopping, or clipping, these tools come in various shapes and sizes to assist in these operations. Let’s understand each of these :

Pruning: Selectively removing certain parts of the plant like branches, roots, buds.

Weeding: Removal of unwanted plants from the garden which grow during monsoons or in places of moisture.

Clipping: Similar to pruning but is done for small plants which are greener and less woody.

Lopping: Cut off the larger branches of the tree for the sake of profit.

It is essential to choose the right gardening tool to perform garden operations efficiently and safely. The choice of tools depends on several factors such as your size, the level of work, the material of the tool, and the manufacturer. The tools should be long-lasting and feel better in the hands while gripping. Small gardening tools such as scissors, a Hori-Hori knife, scuffle hoe, trowel are used to trim and clip mini plants and grasses, while tools such as leaf rake, hard rake, weed controller, showel are used for deep-rooted plants or trees which have grown old enough to misfit a pot.

At Chainsaw Parts Online, gardening tools are supplied by top manufacturers and are made of high-grade material, mostly steel which guarantees their reliability and robustness. Buy from a variety of Japanese gardening tools, sorted according to the need and price of the customer. These tools are easy to assemble and are highly ergonomic. The best among these are listed below:

Japanese pruning saw: These have sharp teeth for cutting live shrubs and trees and are available in a 12cm blade.

Farming sickle: Made from Japanese hardwood, these have a two-sided blade and a strong grip for cutting long grass.

Strimmer brush cutter blade: Its round shape is committed to uniformly cutting through weed and moss off the concrete.

DIY scraper tool: Compact and long handle make digging and scratching easier. It comes with a stainless steel blade.

Japanese trowel: This tool is typically 10-12 cm for deep digging and has a small handle for easy grip.

Flower Hatchet cutting tool: It is the most versatile tool used to cut flowers, branches of plants up to one cm in diameter.

Most gardening tools last more than ten years; however, proper care and precaution must be taken while using them and storing them away from the children. It is recommended to clean the tool after use to diffuse any moisture or dust which collects and results in corrosion. Use linseed oil to polish them, and a file can be used to sharpen the tools at the optimum amount.

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