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Strimmer brushcutter parts accesories

Strimmer brushcutter parts accesories

Find Strimmer, Brush Cutter Parts, and Accessories At Chainsawpartsonline.Co.Uk

A strimmer or brush cutter is a piece of garden equipment and also the most versatile one, because of the different accessories available in the market. Both petrol and electric brush cutters can be purchased for a few bucks. They are easy to use function and time-saving operation has made them a part of almost every garden store. A strimmer differs from a brush cutter as the former uses a nylon line that rotates to cut the grass while the latter consists of a metallic blade with a more strong motor and more rpm. These tools operate when the flywheel rotates stimulating the crankshaft and moving the piston up and down compressing the fuel and igniting it via the spark plug. The spark plug is powered via an ignition coil attached to the magnet on the side of the flywheel. This magnet gets electrically charged providing current to the spark plug. The axle of the crankshaft is attached to a clutch which extends to the drive shaft where the line or the blade is attached.

Parts of a strimmer:

Handle: This can be a handlebar or cow handle depending upon the user's requirements and must be good in grip.

Shaft:  This shaft attaches to the engine on one end and the brush cutter on the other. Different cutting heads can be installed as per usage.

Safety switch and primer bulb:  A primer bulb allows additional fuel intake while cutting off the air for solving start-up issues. A safety switch ensures turning off the machine in case anything alien comes in contact.

Strimmer Head:  This head allows the line and blade to be fixed and perform the cutting operation.

Cutting guard: The cutting guard prevents unidentified objects from striking the user.

Spooler: It stores the trimming line and this line can be extended by the spooler.

At different parts and accessories for strimmer and brush cutter are listed according to the brand and sizes and are cost-effective. These parts such as throttle, strimmer line, bump head, handlebar, pull starter can be bought from our site for Husqvarna, Rayobi, KAAZ, Jonsered, etc. These parts are made in Europe and are manufactured from high-quality materials, thus increasing their life. The visitor can choose a wide variety of accessories for their brush cutter according to the need and application.  For a better grip of the machine, a Harness can also be purchased from the site. The supporting model number of the machine is mentioned on the product page and must be verified before placing an order otherwise it may not function as desired or may also cause injury to the user. Safety of the user as well as of the environment is important and as such installation guide is provided on the site for these accessories to reduce any error. Always wear safety glasses while operating a brush cutter or strimmer. Keep the cable of the machine behind to prevent cutting it and suitable clothing can be worn other than keeping a strong foot forward.

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