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Zama,Walbro,Tillotson carburettor rebuild kits

Zama,Walbro,Tillotson carburettor rebuild kits

Best Quality Carburettor Kits At Chainsawpartsonline.Co.Uk

A carburettor is the most important part of a chainsaw as it mixes the fuel with the air before being fed into the engine assembly. This carburettor is attached to the fuel line with a filter attached for preventing any debris which may clog it and stop its function. The fuel is mixed with oil for the smooth running of the chainsaw, without oil, the chainsaw may start giving jerks while starting up and may also stop occasionally. A primer bulb is also present on most of the carburettors which on pushing provides additional fuel intake into the carburettor. The carburettor contains several small parts and can be easily damaged during regular usage. These days pre-mixed ethanol-based fuel is readily available which if kept for a longer time in the carburettor causes acidification of the parts and disintegrate the non-metallic parts such as a gasket, fuel screen etc. causing a jamming of the fuel input.

A carburettor kit contains all the small parts which build up the carburettor and many times need to be replaced for its proper working. A metering level controls the fuel intake to the carburettor and can be easily replaced after disconnecting the fuel lines and then using a metering level gauge to measure the optimal level required before changing it with a new one. This will restore the trigger response of the chainsaw. The diaphragm is the most vulnerable part of the carburettor and must be checked regularly for cracks. Chainsaw parts online ltd. has various carburettor rebuilding kits of different brands – Zama, Walbro, Tillotson make the best kits in the market. The model number for the kit to be used is present upon the carburettor and must be carefully chosen as the wrong kit installation may waste up the fuel or destroy the carburettor permanently. Please clean the carburettor with a carburettor cleaner thoroughly as even a small amount of dirt on the outside may reach inside along with the fuel and plug it. Separate the parts and carefully arrange them properly for reinstallation. Carburettor kits for Husqvarna, Stihl, and Honda can be easily purchased from the site from any of the above brands. These carburettor kits can be used for chainsaws, blowers, brush cutters etc. and are quite affordable.

Tips for maintaining the carburettor:

  • Ethanol: The fuel should not have more than 10 per cent of ethanol to prevent acidification inside the carburettor
  • Fuel screen: Check the fuel screen present inside the carburettor as it is small and may easily get clogged up after some time.
  • Storage of chainsaw: Store the chainsaw in a moisture-free environment for longer life.
  • Fuel line: Change any defective fuel line as this may result in excessive pressure on the carburettor and hinder its performance.
  • Fuel storage: When storing the fuel for longer than two months add a suitable stabilizer.
  • Mixing of parts: Avoid mixing and fixing new and old parts of the carburettor provided in the carburettor kit.
  • Cleaning: Use only carburettor compatible cleaner solution or use ultraviolet based cleaning otherwise the carburettor may develop corrosion.


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