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Robust starter pulleys, spring, and pawls at

The chainsaw is booted up with the help of a starter pulley and requires enough pull to start the machine. Sometimes excess pull may damage up the pawls or the rope along with the spring. This part of the chainsaw although easy to use is the most complex one in its mechanism and varies according to the chainsaw. The starter pulley consists of a starter rope, a major recoiling spring, one or two pawls attached to their respective springs. These parts are small in size but are essential for the start-up of the chainsaw or other pulley-based machine. When the starter rope is pulled, the spring develops tension and tries to regain its position. The pawls open up at this time allowing extension of the rope. This system is attached to the flywheel which starts rotating as the rope retracts. The flywheel and the crankshaft are fixed on the same axle, the crankshaft starts moving to start the engine.

With the regular usage of the starter pulley, the spring may start to lose its tension, also the pawl kit may get damaged and need replacement. These parts being cheap and small, can be kept in spare for emergency purposes. sells best-quality starter pulleys, springs, and pawls at effective prices for the various models available in the market. We also provide an installation guide as incorrect installation may hamper the starting of the chainsaw and may also cause wreckage. Buy pulleys, pawl kits, and starter kits for Stihl, Husqvarna, Mitsubishi, etc., and make the chainsaw start working again. Check the model of the chainsaw, the length of the rope, and the number of pawls before making an order. The starter kit listed on our site has a rope length from 4 feet to 8 feet. Apply grease on the recoiling spring after proper installation and replacing the pawl along with the spring is recommended for the proper working. The pawl spring should be inserted facing left, as the wrong installation will not make the pulley rotate. For any assistance regarding installation or buying, feel free to contact us. Removing the pawl and the recoil spring is a tedious task and must be done with proper safety precautions.

How to check for start-up issues:

 Check the rope: If the rope is broken, twisted, or covered in some material, may have caused the starting issue.

Check the housing: The housing may get choked up with the sawdust or destroyed with time acting as an obstruction for the pulley rope.

Check the recoil spring:  The spring is brittle and loses its tension with time. It helps in the retraction of the rope and must be replaced with a similar one.

Pawl spring: If the pawl spring is not working or shifts from its position the system will not start and may feel a bit slack during the pull. Incompatible pawl spring may not work in the long run.

Pulley housing:  This is mostly made up of plastic and encases the whole starter kit, ensure there are no cracks in this part and replace it immediately.

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