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Visit Chainsaw Parts Online Shop for a Wide Range of Muffler Exhausts

Maintaining the chainsaw is essential for the correct working and longevity, and timely replacement of spare parts assists in this. A muffler reduces the engine's noise and controls the backpressure preventing dust and excess stress on the engine. The muffler is the outlet for hot gases. It wears off easily and must be immediately replaced to prevent damage to the engine.

When to replace the muffler:

Abnormal noise: When using whining or above normal sound, it can be a sign of muffler problem.

Fuel consumption: If your engine is consuming more than regular fuel, check the muffler for patches.

Condensation: Gases condense on the muffler and can cause rusting along with metal expansion.

Smoke: Sometimes, excessive smoke hints that the muffler is not working properly and needs to be changed.

When buying an old chainsaw, people remove the muffler guard to look at the piston for scratches and determine the condition of the chainsaw. In bad conditions, the chainsaw's piston will not process the fuel completely, and the particles collect on the muffler, thus preventing the exchange of gases from the exhaust. The exhaust controls the outgoing gas and makes noise during the process. These noises are a combination of alternate high and low-pressure points. A correct muffler will ensure destructive interference so that the two waves cancel each other out after colliding at the same point. Hence incompatible mufflers should be avoided as they will not be able to reduce the noise and cause engine impairment.

At Chainsaw Parts Online, we ensure that the muffler exhaust is of superior quality metal to protect it from the heat and chemicals released. We have sorted the mufflers according to the model and brand, and most brands are easily available, which are non-original and low in price. Along with muffler exhaust gasket is also included for some models. Replacement of gasket along with the muffler is recommended for best performance and to avoid any fitting issues. Choose the muffler according to the holes present in the original as the wrong part may not help in noise reduction. Mufflers for Stihl, Husqvarna can easily be found on our website, and some are even better and long-lasting than their original, according to the feedback we have received from our customers.

Often, customers ask for modified mufflers, but it is not a good suggestion as although the performance of the chainsaw may increase, it can result in more sound than the original. Also, they are complicated to make and thus of higher price. Wrong muffler exhausts also affect the warranty of the chainsaw, and the servicing agency might reject it due to modification. Adding power to the chainsaw may also add fuel consumption and affect the life of the machine. deals in the exact replacements and does not deal in mods.

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