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High-grade sprockets and clutch drums for the chainsaw at

The chainsaw works with a sprocket on which the chain is installed. The crankshaft stimulates the sprocket for the movement of the chain over the object to be operated. The sprocket is integrated into the clutch drum which is a disk-like object. With the regular usage of the chainsaw or sometimes when it is used with the brake in on position, the clutch drum starts to rotate while the chain does not move resulting in the warping of the clutch drum. This also causes the overheating of the whole system causing a breakdown of the chainsaw. The needle bearing may get broken if the issue is not resolved timely. The sprocket and the clutch drum can be checked for replacement if the chain stays loose even after repeated tightening.

Clutch drum being an essential part of the chainsaw, makes sure that only good quality material-based clutch drums are listed on the site that does not heat up easily and are long-lasting apart from available for different models. Although this part is mostly the same for many chainsaws, still many have the sprocket facing inward of the chainsaw while others make it outward facing even when belonging to the same brand. The replacement of these parts can be done easily by the user with the usage of a wrench, nose plier, and screwdriver. It is easier for the outward-facing sprocket than for the inner one. Remove the side cover of the chainsaw and make sure that the brake is unlocked before doing so. Disassemble the guide bar and the chain. To replace the inward-facing sprocket the top cover will also need removal. Use the wrench to unscrew the spark plug and then put a rope inside to prevent the clutch from rotating. Now use the screwdriver and pry out the E clip effectively, followed by a washer, and then the clutch drum can be finally removed. After replacing make sure that the clutch drum is sealed tight otherwise, it may cause wobble of the chain.

Chainsaw parts online ltd. deals in sprockets and clutch drums along with E-clip for all major brands such as Husqvarna, Stihl, PARTNER, and many other Chinese brands. For some of the chainsaws, the whole clutch assembly is also available. Purchase the perfect part for the chainsaw after carefully verifying it, by matching it with the corresponding images provided on the product page. Chainsaw parts online ltd. provides the most reliable sprockets and other parts which are the true replacement of their original OEMs. Do not use the chainsaw with a damaged clutch drum for long as the chain may start to slide on the sprocket and can also result in human injury apart from reducing the efficiency of the chainsaw. Verify the pitch of the clutch drum with that displayed on the site and do not use the wrong sprocket as this may wear out easily in the long run. Ensure greasing of the needle bearing for a regular smooth operation after replacement.

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