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Shop for Top-Grade Quality Bearings & Oil Seals at Chainsaw Parts Online

You have reached the website of, one of the UK’s most-trusted e-stores for garden, lawn, and forestry equipment spare parts. As a committed supplier of top-notch bearings & oil seals, we have collated a diverse range of O rings and seals suiting almost every purpose. You name it, and the type of oil seals and bearings are here for you. From hydrocarbon-resistant seals to the ones that have been designed specifically to work under special conditions, you will get all types stocked at Chainsaw Parts Online shop.

Oil seals are an important spare part for petrol and diesel powered machineries. It helps in keeping the engine pressure and engine oil in the crankcase. It is the installation of oil seals that prevent the air from getting into the crankcase. Therefore, oil seals act as a guard against moisture or other contaminants from entering the crankcase, thus averting scratches on the cyclinder and piston and enhance the performance of the machines that operates through petrol or diesel.

If your garden or forestry equipment requires a replacement of Chainsaw oil seals, you have reached the right place. Remember, it is important to replace the oil seals and bearings as early as possible to prevent degradation of the equipment. At Chainsawpartsonline, you will get the best deals and offers – we prove that buying spare parts and accessories for your essential lawn machines is not a complex or costly affair anymore.

Why buy from

  • We house authentic spare parts for everyday use lawn and forestry equipment.
  • The best offers on price for quality-made spare parts.
  • The choice of bearings & oil seals of all sizes and attractive designs.
  • Assured quality and performance.
  • Warranties as a guarantee.
  • We sell Chainsaw oil seals made from the best materials that are robust and durable.


Oil seals have multi-purpose usage. Be it your lawnmowers or trimmers, cutters used for cutting and pruning tree branches, oil seals are made to power up the petrol and diesel machines. The oil seals that you get to buy at our shop are designed to enhance the functioning of machines as well as ensure the guaranteed productivity.

Explore a range of oil seals here that are designed for empowering the petrol & diesel powered machines by keeping the engine pressure & the engine oil inside the crankcase.

Bearings support the crankshaft when the machine is operational, giving it the thrust to rotate smoothly. Chainsaw Crankshaft Bearings and oil seals are made in compliance with international standards incorporating the mandatory safety features.

Types of Oil Seals

There are different types of oil seals, and you get the right choices here at Chainsaw Parts Online store.

  1. Metal cased oil seals – these type of seals are used in applications where equal expansion and contraction is critical during operation. These seals are highly cost-efficient.
  2. Rubber-cased oil seals – these are the most commonly used one. The presence of rubber prevents rusting, thermal expansion and works seamlessly under high pressure and temperature conditions. Rubber also offers a tighter fit and comes with stable sealability. Type R is the most common oil seal. It has rubber on the outside and carbon steel inserts inside.

At our online platform, we have ample stocks of both types of Chainsaw oil seals. Visit us today to ensure top-grade quality and the best prices for bearings and oil seals.

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