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Buy Reliable Oil Pump, Worm, and Hose from Chainsaw Parts Online

Oil is essential for the lubrication of the chain and guide bar. Without it, the friction between the chain and the bar and the object and the chainsaw will increase, resulting in heating. It will also strain the engine and reduce its life if not lubricated for a long time. An oil pump manages the presence of oil throughout the chain and the guide bar when it is operated. The oil pump is attached to the clutch, and it flows the oil through the hose into the hole and over the guide bar. The proper working of oil pump can be checked in the following ways:

Oil tank level: If there is full oil even after several usages, the oil pump is not channelling the oil.

Manual check: Check the chain by running your hand over it or using tissue paper. If it is dry, then the oil pump should be taken out and replaced.

Oil spit: Use an object and hold the chainsaw about an inch or two, turn it on, and see if oil spits on the object afterward.

An oil worm is a small l shaped part attached to a circular drum fitted under the clutch and rotates when the machine is started to provide the oil uniformly. These are usually made of metal and plastic. Irregular pressing of clutch or not filling oil will cause this part to break off, and the oil will start leaking to the bottom of the chainsaw instead of reaching the bar and chain.

The oil line or hose is a small tube with a filter attached which provides the supply of oil from the oil tank and is made up of rubber which develops cracks or gets punctured with time. It can be checked when there is plenty of oil on the saw bed, also the oil tank becomes empty frequently. The oil line is present under the handle, and its replacement requires the removal of the front handle and chainsaw cover.

Buy high-quality and low-priced oil pumps, worms, hoses from Chainsaw Parts Online shop. Choose from the best fit and verify from the pictures given on the product page. Our manufacturers thoroughly test these, and many come with a two-year warranty, so if any defect occurs, a replacement will be provided as they are hard to repair. The oil pump can be easily replaced and does not need any special tools. Remove the nuts screwing the clutch cover, disengage the chain cover, and unthread the clutch from the crankshaft.

Further, unscrew the oil pump and front cover. Replace the old oil pump with a new one and follow the reverse process to make your chainsaw running smoothly as before. Ensure there is sufficient oil in the guide bar hole and use an air compressor to remove sawdust or dirt, do not run the chainsaw dry to prevent burning of the guide bar and chain breakage.

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