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Visit Chainsaw Parts Online To Buy Efficient And Durable Piston And Piston Rings

The piston is the engine's heart that keeps on compressing and decompressing the fuel to provide the necessary torque via the crankshaft and thus runs the machine efficiently. When the machine is started using a starter rope, the flywheel rotates and stimulates the magnet, which causes the electric energy via the ignition coil into the spark plug. Inside the engine, the piston attached to the crankshaft starts moving after taking sufficient fuel and air from the carburetor, and this ignites the fuel, providing the necessary force for the chainsaw to start working. Adding oil to the fuel is essential for the smooth working of the piston as usage of non-oil fuel will result in jerks during startup, and long-time usage will develop scores and cause slippage of the piston and damage the brittle rings. Filing the piston will help, but it is not a viable option as it results in greater fuel intake and thus reduces the efficiency of the chainsaw. Scored pistons allow the gas to escape, and the chainsaw restarts intermittently. A good piston provides compression of about 100 psi or more. It can be checked using a compression tester. A bad piston with many scores makes very little compression, and the rings do not provide the necessary grip for its working. has the best piston kit for all of the major models available in the market. These pistons are made with high-quality metal that does not melt easily and is also optimal. Choose pistons for Golf, Stithl, Husqvarna at the most affordable prices and make the chainsaw up and running in no time.

How to check if the piston is destroyed:

  • The engine makes a knocking noise while using and startup
  • Required pull to start is more than normal
  • The compression meter reading is below 100
  • Take out the muffler and check for scratches on the piston
  • The piston does not fit accurately in the cylinder and is loose.

The piston kit contains a piston along with the rings. These rings maintain contact with the top of the cylinder to create an encasement so that the fuel does not escape and thus maintains the pressure required. Choose rings that are a perfect fit on the piston. A tight grip will make up the best compression system. These oil rings also maintain the engine oil for smoother functionality. At Chainsaw Parts Online, we have mentioned the size of the ring, which will be compatible with the piston purchased. Using older rings with the piston is not recommended as slippage may be possible. Use the instruction manual to install the piston and rings by yourself. Apply motor oil to the ring slots on the piston with precautions as the rings are fragile and excess expansion over the piston can break them. For any assistance, visit the description section of the product page or contact us on 02031488796.

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