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Visit Chainsaw Parts Online for High-Quality Guide Bars And Chains For Chainsaws

Depending upon whether the user is naïve or experienced, there are many chainsaws available in the market. However, sooner or later, a chainsaw needs maintenance in either service or parts. Visit Chainsaw Parts Online to purchase robust and well-tested guide bars and chains. Our wide variety of parts fits perfectly for whichever brand chainsaw you look out for. Using an old guide bar or chain decreases the efficiency of your chainsaw, also it causes injury to the person because of the loosened chain.

Factors to look for a faulty guide bar:

  • A loose chain that wobbles due to sprocket.
  • Lumber and crooked bars
  • Jammed sprockets
  • Untimely replacement of the chain
  • Improper oiling of the bar
  • Clogging of the sprocket by residue

A guide bar is the second essential part after the piston as it is the only part that interacts directly with the object and takes most of the load at that time. Hence sometimes, due to low or no maintenance, the guide bar burns out from the sides or gets bent up from the pitch. Usually, hardening steel is used to manufacture guide bars as they don't get moist easily and have high tensile strength than their iron counterparts. Many bar manufacturers also provide a special coating on the top of the bar, which helps in reducing the friction of the chain.

When installing a chain over the guide bar, ensure that the chain's teeth are outward on the upside and inward, i.e., towards the machine on the downside. You can also purchase a safety cover to prevent accidental damage to a person; however, it reduces the versatility of the chainsaw. Don't let the chain too loose as it will result in the movement of the guide bar and not too tight as it will result in overheating of the engine. The chain can be tightened by the screws usually present near the flywheel. Also, it is recommended to verify the pitch of the bar from the details of the product page before placing an order.

Chainsaw Parts Online ensures that the guide bar and chain are durable and available for all the demanding models available in the market because of these two parts' regular wear and tear. Look for chainsaw guide bars size followed by the company name where different models are listed in their compatibility. However, gauge and pitch need to be noticed before ordering to prevent any post-delivery issues. For extending the life of your chain saw, here are a few tips :

  • Always use oil along with fuel to maintain engine health
  • Use at most 10% ethanol with the fuel
  • Fill the grease hole and oil hole regularly
  • Replace the bar when replacing the chain and vice versa
  • Tighten the chain frequently
  • When not in use for more than a month, store the fuel in a suitable container
  • Add anti coagulating agent when the fuel is not in use for more than three months
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